Saturday, February 4, 2012

One of the Greatest Things in Life

Are watercolor pencils! I just bought some today from Michael's Crafts store. I wasn't really expecting the pencils to be so great for the price, but they are! Even better that they were only five dollars! Here are some experiments I did

These were done by coloring and then adding some water to blend/shade. The top one was a quick experiment using reference from a picture I snapped when on the longest drive home known to man, from LA to San Jose, with my dad and my uncle driving in shifts (let's just say it should not take 12 hours to make that drive). The bottom one is from another picture I snapped, I liked the strange and nostalgic lighting you can only achieve when in a car. Anyway, now that I have whetted my brush, I can't wait to use these guys to their full potential!

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  1. Technology sure is scary these days.. but these are very nice, very nice indeed