Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some Academia

I like the word "academia" because it reminds me of the word "macadamia". Anyway, I thought I would post some stuff up of what I have been doing this semester!

(Please excuse the poorly taken pictures...)

This is a forty minute, line contour drawing of my favorite model! Done during my 112A class.

I decided to experiment with some vine charcoal on tinted paper (it's finally restocked at the student store in case you need some...). Inspired by the graceful and enigmatic nature of Henry Yan! But I still have a lot more studying to do... I call these "Tina playing NES games".

This is a drapery study! Because of the conflicting nature of 112A and 112B, this drapery is a hybrid of teachings from both classes (I think I looked at "shadow shapes" just a bit more than I focused on making cross contours..) although it is due for 112B on Friday. Tinted paper is great!!

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