Monday, February 6, 2012

Post #11: No Slickdeals socks yet..:

Hallo. Today was monday, and today was boring. I had all three classes today, my math classes are alright, they're not long enough for me to get bored in, but my Unix class is just stoops. Hahaha.

So Mimi's dad is going to buy her a new widescreen monitor, and guess who gets her old one. DISGUY. If I can clear enough space on my desk.. I can have 3 monitors. Yep, just sit and let that one sink in for a while... Ahhhhh..


I figured I should put the music before the page break, since that's what I assume people are more interested in, hahaha.

So today I continued my ongoing trading in Fifa 12 Ultimate Team. I was at 170k from last night's trading and I bought a bunch of IF Nene's to try and boost my money pile even higher. I'm hoping to eventually get Messi, and so far I seem to be going at a pretty good pace, making about 80 - 100k every week since I started two weeks ago. I should be able to buy Messi in no time, and if I sell my Nene's at the price that I'm hoping to sell them at, then I should be at 200k! Wahu!

And for you faithfuls I shall reward ye with another song

I seem to be in an electronic mood as of late, as much as I like SSLYBY I shore did miss this stuff.

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