Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Post #12: Oh, you know nothin' much, just...

Got my sweet sweet new baby monitor! I've got 3 screens set up, two are dedicated to my laptop and one is dedicated to my xbox, which would be the new giant monitor that Mimi gave to me. As I wait for this guy on Fifa to stop watching the end of the game highlights I'll get on with me postin eh?

Please don't think less of me..

Not much to talk about today now that I think about it. Pics will be up tomorrow of my new desk setup! :>
For now let me throw some music at ya.

Some more of my favorite boys SSLYBY

Actually now that I think about it I have something to talk about. There's a series on youtube called La Blogotheque. It's a french director who has bands play their songs live in daily places, the SSLYBY video above is actually a Theyshootmusic video, which is in the same vein as La Blogotheque, maybe they're the same director I dunno hahaha. They mostly play their songs in European places, and the scenery plus the new candid, raw versions of songs that I love make this series a great find.

Some more examples:

Probably one of my favorite La blogotheque videos, and a perfect example of how the scenery and acoustics blend perfectly to make a powerful video.

I shore do love my Vampire Weekend.

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