Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Everyone, I'd like you to meet Tim. Tim Tams.

My sister has been strangely emotional lately.
It all started when she listened to The Suburbs by The Arcade Fire again. Suddenly the tragedy of the song just came crashing on her poor heart. Which is a big deal, since she NEVER gets emotional over anything, and she is always calling me out on wailing about how tragic a certain song, or book, or movie is. For example...

(Kite by Copeland, and My Good Deed  by Shearwater. I bet you feel your heartstrings being tugged!!!)

            (Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro)

(And also, Never Let Me Go the movie. Both good in their own respects, and so, so sad.)

Which led her to travel all the way to an out of town Australian market to buy some chocolate cookies called Tim Tams.

So listen to that song, read that book, and watch that movie. Also grab some Tim Tams to soothe your aching heart.
(TIP: The original milk chocolate is better than the white chocolate for once. And in case you are wondering, why yes! It is common practice for me to eat on my sketchbook.)

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