Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Post #12: Cleaned my room today

Before the jump I'll post my song so if people just want to listen to it they don't need to look inside my post, but if you do so happen to read further there's a couple more songs in store for ya!

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Edit: I done forgot it's Music Tuesday! Have another song!

Chromeo and Ezra from Vampire Weekend, can't go wrong with that.

So today...:

So today I cleaned my room, pretty thoroughly. I got rid of a lot of clutter, but there's always some more to get rid of. I think I got rid of enough though. I was cleaning in preparation for my new toy! Mimi's old monitor, I think I mentioned it yestuhdee. I'm gonna use it as a monitor specifically for my xbox, I made space on my desk for it. If I had money I'd buy an adapter so that I could hook up two monitors to my laptop, giving me three in total, but that's too extravagant and unnecessary hahaha. 

Fifa update:

I sold one of my IF Nene's for 103k, not bad, I could've sold it for more if I waited, but I like to get rid of my players quick so that they don't have a chance to lose value. Just two more Nene's to sell, I'm getting impatient, but it's only been a day and a half since I bought them so I'll just have to keep trying. I'm selling them both at about 50-55k if anyone's interested.

Cool app:

I found a cool app for your computer called F.lux

What it does is it recognizes your location by your zip code or latitude/longitude, and determines when the sun sets and rises for you and then changes your screen brightness and color accordingly. I have mine set to dim and become warmer tinted at night so that the bright screen won't hurt my eyes with the lights off, also it'll help my eyes adjust when I wake up in the morning and use the computer. It's a pretty neat app, it doesn't do much, I'm looking for one with more features, but for now this is pretty cool! I'll keep you guys updated if I find anything better.

F.lux link: http://stereopsis.com/flux/

As always, here's a couple more songs for you readers.

This has disgusting bass...mmmmm....

...and for you normal people.

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