Sunday, February 12, 2012

Post #15: Recovery day!

Sorry for the short post yesterday, I had a soccer game and I was pooped.
Today I'm not too sore, which is good, but my ankle is still sore after I rolled it yesterday.

Anyway, the Grammys are today and in honor of Skrillex winning a whopping 3 awards. I'll post a Skrillex thang here.

So today was just a recovery day, as the title states, so that's what I did. I recovered. I just played some Fifa, did some homework at Mimi's, and went back home and learned "Freight Train" by Elizabeth Cotten and sent that over Mimi's way. Hahaha.

I was playing Fifa just now and having a rather frustrating time with getting lucky goals scored against me and stupid penalties thanks to the new physics system. So by the time I played my last game, I was pretty much ruthless. I put in goal after goal, making sure to draw out my celebration and watch every second of every replay. I don't normally do this, but after I scored 3 goals skipping the celebrations and replays, and he scores one lucky goal and has the longest, most annoying celebration, and then watches all three of his replays, I figured I'd go for broke. I slot 3 more past him, 3 pretty nice goals I might add, Neymar's lookin' pretty good out there. After the game I left the highlights on when I went to the bathroom. Mean? Probably, but it certainly leveled out my frustrations.

Anyway, that's all I got. Ain't too interesting I know, I'll pick up the slack soon I promise. Just need to prioritize my homework better so I have more time to dedicate to games and blogging.

Have another songzer.

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