Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So Tuesdays are my agonizingly long days at school, but so far I've been pretty good at keeping myself occupied for five hours while I wait for my evening class to start.
I share this long break with a buddy, but today we broke our usual routine of spending hours in the library, practicing complex shapes by drawing these cryptic sculptures of what looks like machine engines. For starters, I had my laptop on me today, and after running into an old friend that I've known since fifth grade, he installed Reddit Enhancement Suite on my computer to forever change my reddit experience, or something like that. Aside from that bit of luxury, we later went to go eat with some of my buddy's friends that he hadn't seen in a while. A failed attempt to eat at a Pho restaurant led us to try the cafe next door called "CreAsian". Yeah. We should have known by the name not to set foot in there, but we naively thought that they would serve Pho.

Turns out you can get bagel with egg and ham, or Mongolian Beef, curry, french fries, and even hamburgers. But an honest bowl of Pho... sadly not. What's more, I peeked into my friend's bowl and his chicken was unlike any other I have seen, except for that which is made from Play-doh, and another guy found a poor ant drowned in his soup.

The most tragic part is, just a bit further down the block was another, REAL Pho restaurant!

Anyhow... my evening class today was quite entertaining. The class is called Animation in Context, and for the bulk of it we watch short films and featurettes. Today's consisted of The Adventures of Prince Achmed, by Lotte Reiniger , which is a gorgeous silent film using mainly shadow puppets.

And the next one was Princes and Princesses  by Michel Ocelot, which also charmingly uses shadow puppets. Interestingly, my dear high school french teacher showed us a film by Ocelot called Kirikou. I wish she was still teaching so that I could show her this film :[ good thing my old classmates know where she lives...time to pay her a visit!

And here are most of my notes from the lecture

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