Saturday, January 21, 2012

We Hope you Will Enjoy the Show!

Actually, we were compelled to make this blog because I was too hermit-like with my solitary blog, and I thought that having a conjoined blog would remedy my blog constipation if you will.

Just so that I don't use the word "blog" one more time, I guess I could introduce myself as well-I love art but I'm also quite hermit-like with my drawings. Hopefully this will help me loosen up and explore more about art, but most importantly keep the cogs running, especially when I'm not in school. As far as introductions go, I'm afraid I've run dry for now, but I was highly anticipating the text wrap around the picture and now I am satisfied. I'll end it here and go play Kingdom Rush since Arjay conveniently left the link here! Good night to you all!

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