Saturday, January 28, 2012

Post #7: That Muthafuckin' Chauffeur

On my post on Wednesday, I posted a logic problem from my homework aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand guess what? That muthafuckin' chauffeur killed that muthafuckin' guy.

Anyway, sorry I haven't been posting the past couple days, I had a midterm yesterday that I wanted to be really prepared for and it was for the best cause I ripped that midterm a new butthole.

So even though I slept yesterday at 2am after a night of watching Lost with Mimi, I find myself up early today. So I figure since I just had a midterm yesterday, I can treat myself with an xbox day. Since the school quarter started, I find it hard to get into any games that require a good sitdown to enjoy, which explains why the only game I've been playing has been Fifa 12. I'm not quite sure what I want to play, I do have a ton of games to beat. Most notably Lost Odyssey, I took that game all the way to the 4th disk and I was like "ya know what? I'm burnt on this JRPG." Maybe I'll pop that in and grind it out.

I was meaning to do that yesterday, but I spent my day making an awesome Brazilian team in fifa, I made it for super cheap, but I had to sell my La Liga team to make it, which wasn't the worst thing. Even though I like watching La Liga, after selling all my players and buying all my new ones for the Brazil team I was left with a hefty chunk of 70k. How I ended up with that much money I'll never know cause I didn't really have any expensive players on my Liga team. My most expensive guy was Pique who sold for 50k something.

As I write this I have more and more of an urge to go beat Lost I'll go do that now, so get out.


Since I didn't post the other two days I'll leave a couple more songs here too!

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