Saturday, January 21, 2012

Post #2: Today I made this...

That... that is what my whole day was about. This game is called minecraft in case you didn't know. You grab resources like wood, coal, diamonds, dirt, etc and you can place them to make structures like this. 
Today I made a pyramid of colored sheep, one room for each kind of colored sheep there is. Do I feel like I've wasted my day? Of course I do, but it still looks pretty cool. Not to mention I'm gonna be rolling in piles and piles of colored wool. Which brings me to my next project.

That's the windmill from the Gorillaz music video for Feel Good Inc. I really like the Gorillaz art style, and I think a floating island would look preeeeeetty cool. I was going to make this first but I realized that I would need colored wool, which led me to creating the sheep pyramid.

Well anyway, here's a quick runthrough of my day. I woke up and set up my Xbox to my computer monitor and played Fifa 12 for a good two hours. I started managing a team in Career Mode because my internet was too laggy to play online. So there was that. I also got cut off while talking to Mimi and when I got back on, she was already gone on her girl's day :(. Well who needs her! I've got Kingdom rush, I've got Fifa, I've got Minecraft. I also had studying, but the sheep pyramid got me..I don't know how it's 10PM already, but it is.

Let's see...let's see, song of the day..

I'll pick two.

Two because one of them is a Skrillex song, and I know that people hate dubstep, but I just...ugh. When the drops are good, they're goooooooooooooooooooood. Anyway! Songs of the day!

Not much to say about this, just Skrillex being Skrillex. The drop is real good. This EP is actually pretty good, but Mimi doesn't think so, but again, who needs her! Hahahaha.

I stumbled upon this while searching for a Casiokids song, I changed my mind to this song because I was tired of the Casiokids song from listening to it all day. So...yeah there's that. I've been meaning to find new music, as my library is getting a little stale and all I find myself listening to is Someone Still Loves you Boris Yeltsin, who made an appearance on yesterday's Song of the Day. I think this Song of the Day thing is a good idea as it'll make me search for new music everyday to showcase. As I write this, a great idea pops into my head! But I can't let it out until Tuesday, so stick around!

Lastly, to end this very long post (I expect they'll be more organized as I keep posting) I'll do a sort of, weekly wrap-up of events that I thought were interesting.

Anonymous vs. SOPA

On Wednesday was the internet blackout by Wikipedia, Reddit, and Boingboing. The blackout was to protest SOPA and PIPA which I think were being discussed in the Senate.

The blackout was a success, the picture on the left shows the number of supporters/opponents on Jan 18th, and the number of supports/opponents on Jan 19th. Definitely a good thing. Another thing that came of the blackout was that ESA, Electronic Software Associate, dropped their support of SOPA. The reason that this is good is because ESA runs E3, and from E3 they generate funds, which could be spend to lobby the SOPA and PIPA bills.
Definitely, definitely a good thing, as I am anticipating E3, and I wouldn't want any of my gaming news sites to not cover E3 in protest, hahaha.

Anyway, because of all the dropped support for SOPA, the FBI was butthurt, and on Thursday, Jan 19th, they shut down and arrested 4 of the owners of the site. This caused internet Robin Hood group Anonymous to spring into action, and they quickly rallied members and internet supports and launched a massive DDOS attack on numerous government websites, FBI, White house, Department of Justice, etc. For those of you who don't know what DDOS is, it's not really hacking. You can think of it like ripping down posters that the FBI put up, while it may not be that big, it certainly still is annoying, and it costs the websites money and traffic.

Megaupload incident

ESA drops support

Barca 2 - 1 Madrid

The other big thing that happened this week was the Copa del Ray first leg tie between Barcelona and Real Madrid. I gotta tell ya, I don't like Pinto in goal, but what are you gonna do, he needs some playing time or else he's one expensive benchwarmer. Cristiano Ronaldo slots it through Pinto's hands in the 11 minutes, but disappeared from the rest of the game. After the goal, Barcelona woke up, and dominated the first half. Despite not scoring, I thought they ended the first half well, and they immediately picked up where they left off, with Puyol scoring a header off a corner right after the break. They scored again through Eric Abidal who received a great lobbed pass from Messi into space. Abidal cooly finished it into Casillas' bottom right corner. The rest of the match was typical Barca - Madrid as of late. Barcelona outplayed Madrid, and Madrid pushed, hacked, tackled Barca all over the pitch, and there were dives going around from both teams.

The big headline of this match was Pepe. Not because Pepe played well, however, I thought he put in a solid effort in the first half. In the second half Pepe was taking his enforcer role a little too far, as he was roughing Barca players all over the pitch, not to mention intentionally stamping on Messi's hand after he was fouled. In addition to trying to beat Barcelona by killing their players, Pepe also managed to take every chance he could to dive his way to victory, but obviously that didn't work.

All in all, it was a good game if you're a Barca fan, and an embarrassing game if you're Madrid. But that seems to be the trend with these recent Clasicos. Advice I'd give to Madrid is to drop Pepe immediately, he's disgracing Madrid. If I had it my way, I'd also drop Di Maria, Arbeloa, Ramos, and Marcelo, as they're all disgustingly dirty players. Oh...and play Kaka dammit! He's a quality player, he just needs minutes. If you're not gonna play him Madrid, then give him up! I want to see Kaka play again!

Pepe is a giant cunt.

Abidal's got a real cool celebration, hahaha
I wish he'd get on the scoresheet more often,
That's only his second goal for Barca..
which gives me an idea.

Yeah...Abidal's got some cool celebrations.

Well this post is way longer than I expected it to be, hope I didn't scare any potentials off. I'll try to keep em snippy next time. Or maybe not, maybe Saturday's can be big post day. We'll see!

Off to bed!

P.S. TIL you can't text wrap Youtube videos, but that is some good good text wrap on the SOPA picture.

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