Saturday, January 21, 2012

Post #1: My internet is laggy

First post, first post! This is a blog shared by Mimi and I, although I don't quite know what I'll be posting, perhaps just things I find interesting. Her stuff on the other hand, consists of casual drawings, photoshop doodles, blah blah. Much cooler.

To kick off the blog, I 'spose I'll have to introduce myself.

This is what I like:

I also like this:

I am a man of numerous tastes.

I think I'll post songs of the day, and from there I'll talk about things I find interesting. Perhaps games, perhaps soccer, perhaps music...I hope I find somethings to talk about :|. Anyway! To the meat of this post.

Today I...

had two quizzes, calculus and discrete math. I did sufficiently average on both, then I went over to Mimi's and played Kingdom Rush(Click me) for...a pretty long time. I don't understand it. I have an xbox, I have pc games, but there's just something about that game that is just so addicting. Tower defense games in general are addicting now that I think about it.  

I also tried installing some educational games for these kids that Mimi babysits. They're called Jumpstart (insert grade number) grade. It was SUUUUUUUUUUCH a pain getting these to work. They were compiled twice using winrar and winuha, THEN I had to extract the .iso files for it to work a certain way, and also enable compatibility mode for Windows 98, because that's how old they are. I do hope they use it. Also I just realized I forgot to get the Tagalog Rosetta stone. My mom is filipino, Mimi wants mom points or something.

We tried making separate blogs, but I felt like a lonely heart so we just decided to combine our blogs into one superblog. 

I have a giant turf burn on my leg that I'm still dealing with, despite cleaning it..I think it's infected. It hurts.

There is absolutely no structure in this post...
This looks like a bunch of twittertweets mashed together.

I'll just stop here.

edit: Whoops, I posted 5 minutes too late, 'tis 12:05. Wherever it says today, replace that with yesterday.

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