Sunday, January 22, 2012


I don't watch football.

I have many habits that Mimi find odd. One of these habits is listening to podcasts. I remember I started listening to these podcasts because I would play music with a sleep timer whenever I went to bed. I would use this sleeptime music to try out new albums that I got during the day and hadn't had a chance to fully delve into yet. Soon after I started doing this I realized that if I really liked the album, I would get sucked into it and I wouldn't fall asleep. So I tried finding something more soothing to listen to. One night, I was watching the UK version of The Office and I was watching on my computer from my bed. Lo and behold, those British actors made me fall asleep real quick with their soothing accents. So, I start looking up podcasts, thinking that they would produce the same effect, and they did.

The first podcast that I subscribed to was SModcast, which is a podcast hosted by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. I really like Kevin Smith's films so I figured I'd like his podcasts. To this day I'm still subscribed and I've listened to all 197 something podcasts that they've put out.

When I first subscribed to SModcast, I had an infinite supply of episodes because I just started listening, and there were like 80 ish episodes so, so I had a lot of content to go through to catch up. So I start listening, and downloading, listening and downloading, and then the fateful moment comes. I run out. So I dunno what to do, I'm relistening to old episodes that I liked, double listening to new ones. I realized that I couldn't do that anymore so I started branching out, searching for different podcasts, and man did I find some podcasts.

A problem I ran into while listening to podcasts, is that I would fall asleep. Which was a good thing, it solved my first problem of being too excited while listening to music, but I wanted to hear ALL the content!

The way I solved this problem was that I started listening to podcasts on the way to and from school, 'tis great listenin'!

Which leads me to my post today. Today is Sunday. Sunday is usually the day for a new SModcast episode, so I'll be excited to go to sleep tonight so that I can listen to the new one.

And even though Mimi thinks it's weird, I let her listen to the SModcast episode about the last Harry Potter movie, and made me fall asleep at her house, but when I woke up she told me that she laughed a whole FIVE times! Five! So yeah.

TL;DR Podcasts make me sleep.

Some of my favorite podcasts:

My Brother, My Brother and Me


Others worth mentioning (but I'm too lazy to link):

Comedy Bang Bang
Giant Bombcast
Stuff You Should Know (they taught me how sword swallowing works)


Yeah.....dis real good. Goodnight!

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