Monday, January 23, 2012

A New Kind of Revolution

The group Anonymous has been of interest to me lately. I can't yet decide whether or not I support them, but they are sure interesting. Arjay posted about them before and he called them the "internet Robin Hood group". Whatever they are, good or bad, or a little of both, they are a powerful icon nationwide.

Like something straight out of an Orwell novel, they are highly propagandistic in their style, using the mask of Guy Fawkes as their mascot, blatantly exposing injustice, and spreading the urgency of activism. They are with no leaders, but are united under their causes, which often leads the whole group to be pinned to acts from juvenile side pranks to huge attacks like we saw on Jan. 19th. But aside from their cryptic and eerie persona, they are Romantic in their views and in their efforts. They embrace individual freedom through knowledge and they inspire everyone with the  message that once we realize our potential, we can all make a difference. They're fighting to preserve the internet to keep the exchange of thoughts and ideas free of censorship. What's most unique about them though, is that they are not really a group, but rather an idea - one that invites you to be part of it. If anything, I'll raise my pen and draw to that!

This quick piece was obviously inspired by Anonymous and their views. I wanted to make a play on Eugene Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People because: 1)It's revolutionary themed, and 2) because it showed Liberty walking alongside the people as if she were one of them. I thought that these were appropriate for portraying the group Anonymous.

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