Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Post #8: I've gone into overdrive. Also, Music Tuesday!

I've been going crazy with my schoolwork, I'm on top of it! Well..starting this week I am. Technically I'm still a little behind in calculus since I spent this week catching up, buuut by tomorrow I plan to be caught up! Finally! I made my binder all neat and tidy, separating my notes and my homework, same for discrete mathematics. I think I'll do good this quarter if I keep this up.

Anyway, I'm pooped from all the work I did today, so instead of taking a game break I figured I'd return with another Music Tuesday! Hopefully this one catches on better than last weeks :|.

So this week I won't have any little comments about the songs, I'll just pile 'em all in here. Enjoy!

Miniature Tigers - Female Doctor

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

Cunninlynguists - KKKY

Bright Eyes - Triple Spiral

The Strokes - Under Cover of Darkness

Mutemath - All or Nothing


P.S. I will try harder to keep up with my Song of the Day! Even if I don't have anything to blog about for that day!

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