Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Post #5: Music Tuesdays!!!

Today is the day! Music Tuesday!

Those of you who read my post for Saturday will know that today is the day I let out my big plan, and that plan is called Music Tuesdays.

First a bit of backstory, but for those of you who just come here for music go ahead and just scroll down to the bottom, maybe even turn a song on while you read this! Anyway, the backstory. So the name music tuesdays comes from back when I was in high school. I downloaded music a LOT in high school, now I don't usually like to download music so I use spotify, but man, in high school I was a monster! I explored everything; swing music, techno, folk, indie, screamo, metal, rap, anything and everything. Except country :|. I will never, hahaha.

Anyways, when I first started downloading music I started out like how everyone else did, using Limewire or something akin to that. Then when my library started expanding I started getting annoyed because even though I had all the songs from an artist's album, those songs would probably be labeled incorrectly. The song title might have not been capitalized, or maybe it was CAPITALIZED all the way, or maybe it was a mIXtuR3 of capitalizations, numbers, slashes, colons, semicolons and any other punctuations you can think of.

This bugged me to no end, especially when I upgraded from the old iPod shuffle(the one where you can't see the song names) to a Zune(bad choice..I know, don't remind me). So I started looking up ways to download full albums, and then I discovered torrents, and I went CRAZY! After I had downloaded blink182's discography I started searching for new artists using the iTunes store, and then I noticed a trend. There would be a wave of new albums coming in every Tuesday. Later I realized that Tuesday is usually the day that albums, dvds, and games are released. And so began music tuesdays.

Every Tuesday I would check the iTunes store for any potential downloads, and if I found something I liked then I'd jot it down, download the album through a torrent, and listen to it at school.

So I figured this blog would be a perfect way to continue my tradition of Music Tuesdays. As I choose to avoid downloading music now, every Tuesday I'm going to link a bunch of songs for you guys to listen to so that Music Tuesday will live on! Forever! Or until I stop blogging. Whichever comes first!

Without further adieu...adoo..ado, whatever, I present to you the Music Tuesday lineup for January 24th, 2012!

This band is always hit or miss with me, either I love the song or I hate it, ain't no grey area with this band for me. Yesterday I posted a song by Of Montreal while studying, so if you like this song then be sure to check out yesterday's song too. Beware the awesome bassline.

I shore do love Telekinesis. I have a top 5 bands list, and Telekinesis is smack dab in the middle of that list! Number 3 or 2, I haven't decided. Anyway, enjoy this song from their...second..? album maybe? Ain't shore.

Something for everybody! Sorry for those of you who only like rap, I ain't been considerate of yous. So Mimi and I both like old school rap, thing is, she likes old school rap like Blackstarr or Jedi Mind Tricks, you know, the more meaningful stuff. Meanwhile I tend to drift towards funner sounding groups like A Tribe Called Quest, Leaders of the New School (LONS), or Del the Funky Homosapien. Anyway, here's one of my favorite songs by LONS, those of you who recognize Busta Rhymes, sit back and be amazed as there once was a time where Busta rapped at a speed that you can comprehend. Also there's some pretty sick dancing in this video, hahaha.

Ah, this song brings back memories. It was on one of the Tony Hawk games, I think it was 4. I can rap this you know..

Not much here..just some Skrillex, Mimi says it's just noise. I shore do like it though.

Another band from my top 5! They're contesting Telekinses for the 2nd place spot. This song is a new song from their new album...egypt something. This band is amazing. Their first album was pretty good, but they just..stepped it up a billion notches for their second, so I'm definitely anticipating another great album from ..uh..something egypt. Caution: This song got stuck in my head all day.

aaaaaanndd another band from my top 5! Thao also features on Mimi's top 5 as well. Not much to say about this. If you like folk music, check out her first and second albums Like the Linen, and We Brave Bee Stings and All. If you like this, then this album is called Know Better, Learn Faster.

So there's 7 songs, one for each day until next Tuesday, and that's in addition to my songs of the day! So for those of you who listened through all these in one go, fear not! There's more to come.

AND! A ding ding ding ding! Special bonus, I couldn't forget my number 1 band: Someone Still Loves you Boris Yeltsin. So a special 8th song from my favorite band.

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