Sunday, January 22, 2012

I wake up in five hours

I come home at nearly 5AM and what do I decide to do? I decide to read Arjay's blog post and write one of my own. I don't usually spend so much time with girls but today was just girl power day. I went to the Tet festival at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds with my good friend and we spent the afternoon ambling through the park.

Things I found interesting:
1. Many people think green waffle is flavored with coconut and only colored green just for the novelty affect....but I always thought green waffles were also made with pandan, which is a delectable green colored flavor basically made from the juice of a pandan plant. I am very defensive about this because I have a list of GREEN flavors that are all delicious. I will swear by that list!

2. Being Vietnamese, I hope that I won't be assailed with comments of racism or stereotyping, but I find that many times, the grumpiness and irritability you may find when trying to ask a Vietnamese person to adhere to the rules (especially if you are American born and not all too fluent in Vietnamese) stems from the fact that both parties feel that each one is granting the other a disservice. For example, in the case of the young volunteer workers, they feel the condescending scorn of the older people who in turn feel disrespected by the young people. It's an endless loop!!

3. Since when did they have a block dedicated to Mexican food at the Tet Festival? Not complaining, just curious.

Right after the Tet Festival I whisked myself over to my cousin's house and from there I will sum up the night and the reason why I am home so late with a series of one word sentences:
Settlers of Catan
Mario Party
Pokemon Stadium
Taco Bell

Things I found interesting:
1) Why is the thief so enormous?
2) Why is the crispy potato soft taco so good? (hah! 2 for Mimi, none for Arjay)
3) Why is Kristen Wiig so attractive to me...
4) Why am I up so late watching the yule log on my cousin's TV which is placed above her fireplace, and interestingly enough, about the same size as her fireplace. It's like she has two fireplaces stacked on top of each other! I should make that in minecraft, except I'd probably burn down the house. Whatever, Arjay can just roll back the server. Whatever that means. What does that mean?

Just kidding Arjay, I wouldn't want you to abuse your powers like you did that one time that you shot me with a burning arrow, or struck me with lightning, or spawned a bunch of pigs on me because I was mad at you for killing a pig for no reason.

Anyway! I really must wake up soon, so I can make it to Arjay's soccer game tomorrow. Good night world!

Things I find Interesting:
1)How did Arjay do that line break thing so that my post doesn't devour his? Hmm. We shall see tomorrow.

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