Monday, March 5, 2012

Post #18.5 I'm ready!

Got a midterm tomorrow for discrete math! I'm ready! BORN READY!

So yesterday I formatted my computer, I've had it for about 3 years so it's still chugging along fine, but I figured I needed to clean out all the clutter. Turns out I had about 200GB worth of clutter -________-.

'ave a look at my new desktop(s)

Sooo the black bar under the left screen is just 'cause my laptop has widescreen, and the extra monitor ain't.

I think it turned out pretty nice, currently trying to find some black icons for spotify and my sleep timer program for the icon dock on the bottom of the right screen.

Also if anyone's curious, the top right of the left screen just has info about my CPU,RAM and the time and date.

Alllsooo, if anyone is more curious, you can add information like that by using a program called Rainmeter,
and the icon dock is called Rocketdock.

You can find extra skins and themes and icons at deviantart!
(Mimi's desktop posted a while back also used Rocketdock and deviantart.)

Soooo, the past few weeks I been studyin' and stuffs. Mimi started playing Persona 4, which is great! I haven't played in a while, I actually never really finished it. I'm considering going back and finishing it up since Mimi shore is taking her sweet time playin'. But I can't complain, I'm glad she's enjoying it because it's probably my favorite JRPG despite not finishing it.

Song of the day:

So..right now I'm listening to Dave Chappelle stand up, and while it shore is good, it don't count as a song. Yesterday I learned Smokestack lightnin' by Howlin' Wolf, so have some wolf!

See ya tomorrow, hopefully I will be feeling victorious after my midterm!

Edit: Ehhh..sorry, dunno how to fix the photo, cutting out of the border, but whateva!

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